Assertiveness Skills


Gain more confidence, decisiveness and respect with assertiveness training! Assertiveness allows you to find the balance between not speaking up and speaking up too aggressively.


It’s important to ask customers, colleagues, subordinates and superiors to meet your needs and adhere to policies and requirements. However, this must be done with tact and diplomacy and while remaining calm and professional.


To get the best results, training needs to be directly applicable to your workplace.  Therefore, Corporate LearnOvations’ programs are customized to meet your strategic business goals and use your organization’s terminology and scenarios. In addition, you select the workshop goals that best meet your needs.  For example, for the Assertiveness Workshop you might choose participants to focus on how to . . .


  • Learn the benefits and challenges of assertiveness

  • Distinguish the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behavior

  • Make a positive first impression

  • Identify and adapt the attitudes that lead to assertiveness versus passivity or aggressiveness

  • Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty and without negatively impacting relationships

  • Make requests for needs to be met without others feeling imposed upon or offended

  • Practice assertive behaviors through verbal, vocal and visual techniques

  • Apply newly learned assertiveness skills to relevant on-the-job situations

  • Develop an assertive bill of rights

  • Accept negative feedback and provide negative feedback constructively

  • Express rights, feelings and thoughts and not blame others for being insensitive and inconsiderate

  • Accept conflicts are opportunities for growth

  • Learn the techniques for assertiveness including fogging, negative inquiry, self-disclosure, broken record, sorting, paraphrasing and workable compromise


. . . or other goals that are crucial to your organization!


Duration: One day


Target Audience: 

  • Any employees, managers or executives

  • Limited to 30 participants



  • Fee includes needs assessment, workshop customization, pre-session contacts and post-session reinforcements with participants and all training workbooks and handouts

  • Multi-session discounts available

  • Call for rates


Please contact us to schedule customized workshops at your location.