Here's what CLO clients have said about our services:



"Michael is an engaging speaker, an excellent communicator, and a great listener. He led a 1 hour interactive presentation that he created on employee engagement for a series of recent business partner meetings. The presentation was extremely well received by the audience and generated action plan activities to put into practice what was covered."

                                                                                                  --M. B., Senior Director, Product Engineering, Canon



"This coaching has made a significant impact in my efficiency and productivity.  I learned tips that just made my work so much more positive."                                                                                                         

--G.S.,. Manager, United Airlines



"I am confident I have the skills now to assert myself and manage conflict with much less stress!  Thank you."                

--P.D., AT&T



"Fantastic! The day just flew by--it was great the way you kept us engaged and working.  Not only was it fun but I learned things I can apply immediately."          

                  --R.C., Turner Broadcasting



"Michael, thank you for being sensitive to my fear of public speaking.  I now have more confidence and am ready to apply what I learned for my big day next month. I really do feel I 'command the room' as you put it.  Never really thought of myself as a public speaker until now."   

--B.C., Attorney



"This was not just another workshop.  You made all the material relevant to our firm. I appreciate the time you spent with me before the session and during the breaks. You sincerely cared about our success. I hope the company will bring you back regularly."

--S.H., Director, Human Resources, The Logan Group



"Michael, I just want to thank you for renewing and refreshing my mind about my employees and my job in general. I was at the Canon Summit Tuesday where you spoke and I absolutely have sung your praises ever since. Beyond being an amazing speaker, you really opened my eyes to my management skills that had gone stale. I am a good manager but you showed me that I definitely can be a better manager. You have indeed made a difference in me!  And the Platinum rule . . . Brilliant, absolutely BRILLIANT!"

                                                                                                         --R. P., Service Manager, Kirbos Office Systems



"Passionate and compassionate! I have never seen so much energy and drive to make us feel like we were getting our time and money's worth. I envy his humor and style."                                                                   

                                                                                                                                --S.S., Manager, GE Financial



"I dreaded coming to a workshop on grammar and punctuation. I said to my wife this morning 'What's next? Watching paint dry?' Boy, was I wrong. Michael made the day not only educational but fun. I have an increased appreciation of writing and will definitely not be making some of those embarrassing mistakes anymore. Well done!" 

--F.W., Sales, Abbott Laboratories



"As a manager for many years, I have always said we all have room to grow. My sincerest thanks for tactfully having us "old dogs" learn a few new tricks.  I am energized to be an even better manager because of what you showed us today."

--J.S., Senior Manager, Accenture



"Excellent program and excellent course content. Michael was the best instructor I have seen--probably ever."

--A.C., Director, Copeland Enterprises


"Michael Sugarman not only delivered the expected content, but also provided insightful anecdotal evidence that supported and clarified the subject matter . . . while ensuring the course had a light and relaxed atmosphere, without excluding anyone." 

--Name Withheld, Dassault Systemes