Managing Virtual Teams

Dispersed teams can actually outperform groups that are co-located. To succeed, however, virtual collaboration must be managed in specific ways.

To get the best results, training needs to be directly applicable to your workplace.  Therefore, Corporate LearnOvations’ programs are customized to meet your strategic business goals and use your organization’s terminology and scenarios. In addition, you select the workshop goals that best meet your needs.  For example, for the Managing Virtual Teams Workshop you might choose participants to focus on how to . . .


  • Identify the unique competencies needed of virtual leaders

  • Understand the challenges and advantages of virtual teams

  • Apply best practices to build and maintain rapport within virtual teams

  • Manage performance and relationship challenges from a distance

  • Communicate effectively across time zones

  • Handle cultural communication differences

  • Develop trust in virtual teams

  • Choose the best technology to support virtual relationships

  • Develop effective skills for facilitating team meetings in a virtual environment


Duration: One day


Target Audience: 

  • Any supervisors, team leads, managers or executives

  • Limited to 30 participants



  • Fee includes needs assessment, workshop customization, pre-session contacts and post-session reinforcements with participants, and all training workbooks and handouts

  • Call for rates


Please contact us to schedule customized workshops at your location