Emotional Intelligence Workshop


People drive performance; emotions drive people.


Emotional intelligence describes the ability to understand one's own feelings. It also provides great insight on how emotion influences motivation and behavior. Developing emotional intelligence helps to manage people, motivate them, and steer them towards greater productivity and fulfillment.


With the emotional intelligence workshop participants will gain a better understanding of self-management and self-awareness. This in turn will give them better insight and control over their actions and emotions. With a greater understanding of emotions participants will experience a positive impact on their professional and personal lives.


Emotional intelligence is a skill. And like any other skill, you can get better at it with training and practice.


This one day workshop is useful for anyone who leads or works with other people.  This course will focus on the five core competencies of emotional intelligence: self-management, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, and empathy. It will also include interpersonal skills. Participants will learn to develop and implement these competencies to enhance their relationships in work and in life by increasing their understanding of social and emotional behaviors, and learning how to adapt and manage their responses to particular situations.


To get the best results, training needs to be directly applicable to your workplace.  Therefore, Corporate LearnOvations’ programs are customized to meet your strategic business goals and use your organization’s terminology and scenarios. In addition, you select the workshop goals that best meet your needs.  For example, for the Emotional Intelligence Workshop you might choose participants to focus on how to  . . .


  • Understand the benefits and the core skills required to practice emotional intelligence: self-management, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, and empathy

  • Master tools to regulate and gain control of one’s own emotions

  • Articulate emotions using the right language

  • Balance optimism and pessimism

  • Relate emotional intelligence to the workplace

  • Learn the art of compromise

  • Understand the science of emotions

  • Find self-control and coping behaviors

  • Learn to relax and focus

  • Understand the barriers to empathy and techniques to be more empathic

  • Create a powerful first impression

  • Accurately perceive emotions and use emotions to facilitate thinking

  • Communicate with flexibility and authenticity

  • Identify the emotional signals you send to others

  • Disagree constructively


. . . or other goals that are crucial to your organization!


Duration: One or two days


Target Audience: 

  • Any employees, managers or executives

  • Limited to 30 participants



  • Fee includes needs assessment, workshop customization, pre-session contacts and post-session reinforcements with participants, and all training workbooks and handouts

  • Multi-session discounts available

  • Call for rates


Please contact us to schedule customized workshops at your location