Behavioral Interview Techniques


“I know how to ask questions.”


Everyone knows how to ask questions but not everyone knows how to conduct a successful job interview. Making poor hiring decisions (and keeping bad hires) based on deficient interviewing skills costs companies millions of dollars every year. This workshop helps hiring managers acquire the skills to hire the best candidates.


To get the best results training needs to be directly applicable to your workplace.  Therefore, Corporate LearnOvations’ programs are customized to meet your strategic business goals and use your organization’s terminology and scenarios. In addition, you select the workshop goals that best meet your needs.  For example, you might choose your Behavioral Interview Techniques Workshop to focus on how to . . .


  • Understand the impact of interviewing and hiring the best applicants

  • Identify the knowledge, competency, experience and personal traits of a job

  • Prepare the best questions

  • Avoid the pitfalls of poor interviewers

  • Manage time during the interview

  • Identify applicant motivational factors

  • Analyze resumes and cover letters for important clues

  • Respond to non-answers from interviewees

  • Respond to applicant’s questions

  • Conduct second and third interviews

  • Get applicants to be more candid

  • Conclude the interview

  • Evaluate candidates and select the best

  • Understand and comply with EEO and legal rules and guidelines


. . . or other goals that are crucial to your organization!


Duration: One day


Target Audience: 

  • Anyone responsible for interviewing job applicants

  • Limited to 30 participants



  • Fee includes needs assessment, workshop customization, pre-session contacts and post-session reinforcements with participants and all training workbooks and handouts

  • Multi-session discounts available

  • Call for rates


Options:  Individual coaching in behavioral interviewing skills available virtually or in person


Please contact us to schedule:

  • Customized workshops at your location

  • Individual coaching at your location or virtually