Executive Coaching


New  leadership challenges and emerging technologies require new strategies, perspectives and skill development!


Our executive coaching approach is customized so that your program is designed explicitly for you.  Certified coaches uncover thinking and performance patterns that are obstacles to success. They help you set achievable goals. As a result you will be a more motivated and effective leader and will be able to take the next leadership step, with confidence and compassion.

Our coaches are certified by The Coaches Training Institute, are members of the International Coach Federation and have advanced degrees in organizational development.

Through a series of one-hour conversations we

  1. Assess your current strengths and beliefs

  2. Identify obstacles that are holding you back

  3. Set goals that align with your values

  4. Co-create the map to get there

  5. Take action to . . .

--actively build on your strength
--develop greater capabilities

--expand your confidence and compassion


Your coach will be be there to keep you focused, hold you fully accountable, provide feedback, and offer insights along the way.


The following executive coaching options can be used separately. However, for the most effective long term results, we recommend executives complete both:

Intensive Executive Coaching

  • A six hour concentrated program conducted over the course of two weeks. You'll quickly raise your awareness of current performance obstacles and discover alternatives and energizing options to put your plans into action.


Traditional Executive Coaching

  • A six-month program of twice monthly meetings, phone conversations, and unlimited e-mail.


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